Always a pleasure to see the Ukrainian Sukhoi SU-27s at the Air Tattoo. With their bright blue digital camo, they really do stick out from the usual grey jets, and always put on an impressive performance. The SU-27 is a heavy air superiority fighter - codenamed 'Flanker' by NATO - was designed during the Cold War as a Soviet counter to potential Western opponents such as the US Air Force's F-15 Eagle. The design has continued to be developed for both Russia and overseas markets, some of the latest derivatives incorporating thrust vectoring.​​​​​​​
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All artwork is printed on Hahnemü​​​​​​​hle Photo Luster paper. Photo Luster is a microporus, resin coated paper with a beautiful luster surface. It features a bright white and consistently smooth surface. Its weight provides a higher stability than many other photo papers and guarantees long lasting, fade resistant prints.​​​​​​​
Weight - 260gsm       |       Thickness - 0.26mm
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