Highlight of the year, on our trip to Belgium we ventured across to West Germany and visited Fliegerhorst Norvenich, home to TaktLwG 31, a Typhoon squadron, and also hosting TaktLwG 33, a squadron of Tornado IDS's from Buchel. Early morning, and the hangars were all closed, but one by one, they all opened up and revealed the aircraft inside. Above, you can see the ground crew guiding the jet out onto the taxiway for departure.
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All artwork is printed on Hahnemü​​​​​​​hle Photo Luster paper. Photo Luster is a microporus, resin coated paper with a beautiful luster surface. It features a bright white and consistently smooth surface. Its weight provides a higher stability than many other photo papers and guarantees long lasting, fade resistant prints.​​​​​​​
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