Taken from my last trip to the 'Heath' just before the UK was put into its third lockdown. It was an extremely successful day, getting sight of a majority of the 'Madhatter' birds that were still sporting nose-art. This print features the 493rd 'Heritage Jet' coming in to land after being out twice during the day. The jet is nicknamed 'The King', it belongs to the 493 FS 'Grim Reapers', and is the only one left in colour currently, with the others featuring a yellow tail(494th FS), and red tail(492nd FS). They can often be seen leaving lots of contrails in the skies above norfolk due to the amount of high-g turns they pull.
Print ID - #008
A5 - £10       |       A4 - £15       |       A3 - £20​​​​​​​
All artwork is printed on Hahnemü​​​​​​​hle Photo Luster paper. Photo Luster is a microporus, resin coated paper with a beautiful luster surface. It features a bright white and consistently smooth surface. Its weight provides a higher stability than many other photo papers and guarantees long lasting, fade resistant prints.​​​​​​​
Weight - 260gsm       |       Thickness - 0.26mm
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