Took a trip over to RAF Marham on the 28/10/20, whilst the Lakenheath squadrons were on limited sorties. And as a first time visit, I was surprised at the amount of action we were able to capture from the 06 and 24 ends of the runway. I know this was particularly because of the USMC F-35B's on deployment to the UK to prove their interoperability with the RAF. We started off the day stood on the edge of the A1122 (Swaffham road), listening closely as we heard the engines starting up in the highly secured area on the south side of the base. 
From where we were stood, we could see across to the other side of the airbase, and were able to spot the aircraft taxiing around to the start of RWY24. Today, the USMC were up first and the jets were rotating at about half the length of the runway, and continued to stay low until they passed the end of the runway, where they made a sharp left bank, almost flying directly over us. After watching the RAF variants take off shortly after, it can definitely be said that the americans know how to show off.
Once things got quiet we decided to head over to the 24 end to catch the jets returning after their sorties. One by one they broke into the circuit and gracefully touched down on the runway. It really is an ear deafening sound from those Pratt & Whitney F135's when you're so close.
We then done this routine once more for the afternoon sorties, before capturing some golden hour shots in the late afternoon from the 24 end. What a great end to the day.
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