Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Sally-B showing her underside at Clacton Airshow.
Sally-B with smoke on at Clacton Airshow.
Seven reds in one picture, with the synchro pair in the foreground.
Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558 banking round in front of Clacton beach.
BBMF Spitfire & Hurricane pair over Clacton Seafront.
Red Arrows arriving at Clacton.
Boeing B-17 Sally B about to bank away from the crowd line.
Boeing B-17 Sally B smoke on as she passes the crowd.
Flt. Lt. Johnny Dowen in an outside turn away from the crowd.
Afterburners on full, as Johnny pulls away from the seafront.
Another one of Johnny pulling away hard.
Eurofighter Typhoon fast pass to finish the display at Clacton Airshow.
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