Showing the true colours of Sally B at IWM Duxford.
The power of the Typhoon, its beauty draws eyes from all ages, and is something to be admired.
Ground crew and pilot conversing around one of Duxfords North American Harvards.
Hurricane and Me-108 re-enacting a  low level dogfight at IWM Duxford.
Supermarine Spitfire IX, MH434 taxiing off Runway 24(Grass) after landing.
Red 10 of the Red Arrows arrives at Duxford to commentate on their performance.
B-17 Sally B after taxiing off the runway.
B-17 Sally B as she taxies past towards the flightline.
Another of Sally B as she taxies past.
Trainer Spitfire coming past on its way back to the flightline.
Two Spits taxiing from the runway.
Over the shoulder of a Spitfire Trainer.
Another Spitfire coming back from the runway.
Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight over Duxfords skies.
BBMF and Red Arrows in formation over IWM Duxford.
The Reds pulling away from the crowd to form their next manoeuvre.
Emerging from the smoke, the Reds in a clean formation.
Red Arrows breaking in front of the crowdline.
Enid passing with smoke on.
Another of Enid as they pass the crowdline.
Reds passing from the left in a 'T' formation.
Smoke on! Reds coming around for another pass.
One half of the synchro pair about to pass the other.
Four of the Reds performing 'Twister'.
Red arrows 'Enid' performing the 'Rollback' manoeuvre.
Thick smoke from the Reds as they fall in from the right.
Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558 powering past Old Warden.
An F-15 from the 48th Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath.
Another 2 F-15 Strike Eagles from the 48th Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath.
F-15 Strike Eagle of 48th Fighter Wing warming up the runway with a full afterburner take-off at RAF Lakenheath.
F-15E No.3003 of the 48th Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath, parked up in the holding area.
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